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Article 1 - The Organization

"Swimrun Côte Vermeille" is organized by CHALLENGE 02

Website :

Articles 2 - General conditions


2.1- All competitors agree to submit to this regulation by the mere fact of their registration. Participants participate at their own risk and can not hold the organization responsible for any accident during the race.

Articles 3 - Presentation of the race


3.1- We remind you that the Swimrun Côte Vermeille, is reserved for the trained people, presenting a good physical condition. The event takes place in one step at the pace of each one, taking into account the hourly barriers in the log book and available on the website.


3.2 - Competitors will no longer be classified beyond these deadlines and their bibs will be invalidated. They will not be able to benefit from the assistance set up by the Organization, which declines all responsibility for the consequences that may result from it.


​3.3- Competitors participate freely and at their own risk. The organization and the organizers decline all responsibility in case of accidents, theft or loss of material and / or personal objects.

Articles 4 - Terms of registration

Articles 5 - Proofs, tariffs and closing of registrations

Articles 6 - Disclaimer and Conditions of Refund


See the page "REGISTRATION"

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Article 7 - Categories of competitors and rankings


7.1- All Swimrun Côte Vermeille participants are grouped into a pairing entity: Men, Women and Mixed. They must pass all checkpoints and the finish line together subject to disqualification.


7.2 - Timing is done from the starting line to the finish line of the second member of the team .


7.3 - By races, will be rewarded the first three scratch teams: Men, Women and Mixed, all categories combined. There will be no classifications by category.

Missing runners will not receive their trophies and awards.

Article 8 - Enhancement of partners

8.1- In the case of a sponsored competitor, the development of its sponsors must nevertheless be validated by the organization of Swimrun Côte Vermeille.


8.2 - On the occasion of the final registration of the rider, the Organization reserves the right to refuse the sponsor of the latter in the event that the latter is in competition with a partner of the Organization.

Article 9 - Staffing and deposit of the deposit bag


Before leaving : ​


9.1- For the mandatory equipment to have before and during the event, refer to article 10.


9.2- Regarding the deposit bag, each pair or team can, if they wish, deposit their belongings in a single, closed bag after signing in when collecting the bibs.


The organization does not provide locker bags! ​


A self-adhesive identification label (numbered, in the color of your race) will be placed in your registration pocket. This sticker must be placed on the handle of the "single" bag that the team wishes to leave with the organization.


The deposit of the bags is located in two places:

  • In the arrival village, the locker is located at the Esplanade Charles Trenet in Argelès sur Mer.

  • At the departure sites, bag deposit areas are provided up to 15 minutes before departure. Your bags will be picked up by the organization and left at the locker, located on the arrival site, at the Esplanade Charles Trenet in Argelès sur Mer.


After crossing the finish line:

9.3 - The pair or the team will pick up their bag at the arrival village, at the Charles Trenet esplanade, before 9:30 p.m.



Whatever the race, no check of the locker bags will be made before the start. Therefore, it will not be possible to dispute the contents of the recovered bags.

The Organizer disclaims all liability in the event of loss, theft or damage. It is recommended that runners do not leave any valuables in these bags. ​


9.4 - Each competitor crossing the line will be rewarded with 1 personalized medal & 1 race t-shirt.

For the scratch winners, each member of the team will receive a trophy, as well as various prizes.

Article 10 - Compulsory equipment check before and during the event


10.1 - Each participant must have with him all the items listed in the mandatory equipment checklist and must carry all equipment with him for the duration of the race, even if he does not use it. Failure to comply will result in team disqualification.


IMPORTANT : For runners, the mandatory equipment check will be carried out when collecting bibs. You must present yourself at the race number collection on Friday with all the necessary equipment for the race Once you have completed the registration procedure, you are ready to enjoy this great event that we have prepared for you. ​


Compulsory equipment per team 

Provided by the organization :

- 1 SWIMMING CAP per person, worn on the head on the swimming parts, (provided by the organization). ​

- 1 RACE LYCRA per person, visibly worn throughout the entire race, under penalty of disqualification. (provided by the organization)

- 1 TIMING CHIP per team (provided by the organization). Lost or not returned, the chip will be charged €20 to the timing company.


Not provided by the organization

- 1 PAIR OF SHOES adapted per person.

- 1 PAIR OF SWIMMING GOGGLES adapted per person.

- 1 WHISTLE per person always at hand, to alert you in the event of an accident.

- 1 FOLDABLE CUP per person always at hand, in order to hydrate you on the aid stations.


- 1 ISOTHERMAL WETSUIT per person, adapted to the water temperature according to the weather conditions (see the 3 options below)​ ​

Option 1 : Below 18°C, wetsuit will be mandatory.

Be careful, you will not be able to start if you are not wearing a wetsuit. ​

Option 2 : At or above 18°C, wetsuit will be permitted but not required. ​


Option 3 : Equal to or above 24°C, the combination will be prohibited.

For information : the temperatures over the period of June of past years

- Average outside temperature 22° - minimum 18° - maximum 26°

- Average sea water temperature 19.6° - minimum 19.1° - maximum 22.3°. ​


No one will be able to take the start if they do not have the mandatory equipment required by the organization. ​ ​


Authorized Material (non-exhaustive list)

- Pair of pads

- Sweater buoy

- Organic anti-friction cream and organic sunscreen (alphanova type)

- The rope is authorized but not compulsory, and must not be > 4m and must be releasable.

However, for safety reasons, it will be prohibited on the first swimming section of the Short, Medium & Long.


Material strictly prohibited, under penalty of disqualification.

- Any inflatable or inflatable equipment.

- Fins, mask, snorkel.

- All motorized equipment.


Article 11 - Control Stations / Time Barriers


11.1 - Checkpoints are distributed along the race, and are mandatory scoring sites for competitors. The Organization reserves the right to place unannounced checkpoints. They will not be specified on the website.

11.2 - All along the course, there are time barriers that teams must cross in time to continue the race. Time barriers are communicated to competitors on the Road book of the website of the test concerned.

​11.3 - Electronic scoring is done using a scorecard provided by the organization. Anyone who has not respected the route planned by the Organization will be disqualified.

Article 12 - Abandonment


12.1 - Any competitor who gives up must make invalid his bib at the nearest assistance station and give him his lycra so that it is neutralized. Failing this, the Organization declines any responsibility as to the consequences which could result from it (triggering of the researches ...) and, on the other hand, the Organization reserves the right to refuse the registration of the competitor for the subsequent editions.

12.2 - The organization "repatriates" competitors who have abandoned or outside the time barrier only in the identified repatriation zones notified in the road book of the event concerned. You must therefore join his points if you want to be repatriated on arrival.

12.3 - Never leave the race without invalidating the bib. Your absence on the trails would lead to research to find you.

Important : Any abandonment of a member of the pair results in the disqualification of the pair (both members) from the race!


Once their bib is invalidated, the organization disclaims all responsibilities towards runners wishing to continue or not.

The latter will have no possible recourse against the organization in the event of an incident or accident that may occur on the course or outside after abandonment.

Article 13 - Course / Road book


13.1 - The course of the race is marked and must be followed in its entirety. If not, the team will be disqualified (Article 11.2 and 19.12).

13.2 - Participants may explore the course before the race, but must respect the residents of the area and behave in accordance with local laws.


13.3 - The Organization reserves the right to change the course at any time without notice.

Article 14 - Medical Assistance


14.1 - A multidisciplinary medical team set up by the Organization will be present at positions on the course. It will provide medical assistance to competitors. It will immediately notify the Clerk of the Course of the competitor's inability to continue the race.

Article 15 - Insurance


15.1 - For the duration of the races events, the Organization has taken out third-party and competitor liability insurance, which implies that the damage suffered by the latter is caused by a fault on the part of the organizer.


15.2 - The responsibility of the Organization is released from the moment of abandonment, disqualification for pointing out of time, by medical decision or other decision of the Race Director.

Article 16 - Assistance provided by the organization during the event


16.1 - The competitor may benefit from refueling points provided by the Organization and mentioned on the website.

Drinks and Foods: The principle of this race is food self-sufficiency. Nevertheless, almost all positions (see the Road book), is supplied with food and food marathon type.

Article 17 - Personal Assistance


17.1 - Competitors will not be able to receive help from persons outside of the organization, which excludes any "flying" assistance of the "hare" type, accompanying persons, "water carriers".


17.2 - The points prohibited to the assistance vehicles of the competitors will be those mentioned in the prefectural order of authorization of race.


17.3 - Bags of spare clothing entrusted to the Organization as part of the race must be retrieved by their owner at the latest at 9:30 pm on the day of the event. 

Article 18 - Grounds for disqualification


18 - First, the organization reserves the right to DEFINITIVELY INVALIDATE the bib of a pair at any time during the current year, in the event of insults, threats or denunciations made against of the organization and/or its members, orally and/or in writing. If necessary, the organization will have to prove the facts to make this radical & irreversible decision! ​


Regarding the day of the event, if the facts below are proven, the disqualification of one (or more) team will not be subject to any appeal and no discussion. It will be irreversible!

​18.1 - Absence of lycra (bib and / or timing chip during the competition).

18.2 - Competitors are not allowed to use unfair methods to obtain benefits, (unauthorized assistance (type "water carrier and / or equipment", "hare") Use of prohibited material (Article 10), any means of transport during the event ...)

18.3 - Scoring beyond the closing time of a checkpoint.

18.4 - Absence of an item of mandatory equipment during the entire race.

18.5 - Non-assistance to a competitor in difficulty.

18.6 - Pollution and degradation of sites by competitors or their assistance.

18.7 - Participants must respect all stakeholders. Any insult or threat made against the organization and / or its members, participants, spectators orally and / or in writing BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the sporting event with a defamatory or offensive connotation, may be sanctioned by the Organization by definitive invalidation of the bib (according to the conditions provided for in article 6.1, depending on the period of the facts) and/or a ban on participation in the event for an indefinite period depending on the seriousness of the comments made, regardless of any legal proceedings.

​18.8 - Refusal to be examined by the rescue services during the test.

18.9 - Physical or psychological state of the competitor deemed unfit for the pursuit of the event by the race director on the advice of the rescue services.

18.10 - Dangerous behaviour of a competitor, possession of a prohibited object in a state of recidivism.

18.11 - Participants who do not follow the marked course or who fail to pass through a checkpoint.

18.12 - Doping by the World Anti-Doping Organization is prohibited. Escape from mandatory anti-doping control. See the banned products list

In case of particular situations, the organization reserves the right to apply an hourly penalty.

Article 19 - Cancellation of the races


19.1 - In the event of force majeure not attributable to the organization (exceptional bad weather, administrative ban or any unforeseeable, irresistible, insurmountable event), the organization reserves the right to cancel the competition entirely. ​


19.2 - In case of cancellation of the event, not attributable to the organization, it is possible for you when registering to take out "Event Cancellation" insurance (optional), the terms of which you will find in article 6.2.


We remind you that leaving without insurance means giving up being reimbursed for the total cost of registration (excluding options). The amount of the registrations will then remain with the Organization and no claim or liability can be held against it.

Article 20 - Race Jury


20.1 - The race jury is the race director and two people of the race organization.


20.2 - The jury:

- Application of rules

- Decides a disqualification

- Deal with complaints and disputes

- Decides changes to the course or regulation


20.3 - At least 2 jury members are required to make a decision on behalf of the jury.


20.4 - The jury reserves the right to make a "common sense" decision in the event that a specific situation is not described in the rules.


20.5 - A decision of the jury is final and without appeal.

Article 21 - Claims


21.1 - They will be admissible in writing within 30 minutes after the provisional display of the preliminary results by the Director of tthe race at the place of arrival and will be the subject of a decision by the jury.

​21.2 - A claim must contain the following:

- time and place

- Team number and signature of both members

- Number or name of the team against whom the protest is directed.

- The reason for the protest

- If possible the number or name of control teams.


21.3 - A claim that does not meet the criteria of point 21.2 will be ignored.


21.4 - Once the decision is made by the jury and taking into account the requirements of the race, it will be communicated as soon as possible to the teams concerned.

Article 22 - Cover Photo, Television, Video and Rights


22.1 - Any competitor expressly renounces to the right to the image during the event, as he waives all recourse against the organizer and his authorized partners for the use made of his image.


22.2 - Audiovisual professionals or photographers must obtain their accreditation from the Organization. It is further understood that no image, photograph or video may be marketed to private partners or television channels of any kind without the express agreement of the Swimrun Côte Vermeille Organization.

Article 23 - Security and Assistance


23.1 - It is provided by checkpoints (refueling, pointing) and sanitary (medical and para-medical), Rescuers (aquatic and pedestrian), controllers, signalers ... These positions can be specified on the website.


23.2 - Participants are required to help in an emergency if requested by the organization. Teams are held to their best ability to help another team injured or sick.

​23.3 - For safety reasons, we will not allow roping on the first swim section of la Courte, la Moyenne and la Longue.


23.4 - The two members constituting a team must at all times stay close to each other with a maximum distance allowed on land of 50m and 10m in water. It is useful to remember that this event is above all a team race, conveying the values ​​of mutual aid and sharing.


23.5 - A member of the race organization will be able to stop the first team member, so that he can wait for his team-mate, if the distance between the two is considered too important.

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